Traditional Okinawan Karate and Okinawan Kobujutsu

Affordable Karate & Martial Arts Programs for Children Ages 9 and Above & Adults.
Perfection of character, development of concentration, focus, skills and mind-body coordination.

Shinbukan Dojo of Rio Rancho

Yuishin- A sincere heart/mind/spirt.

I am mind itself. If I hold positive thoughts in my mind, good things are likely to happen.
Holding negative thoughts in my mind works against my best interests.
Therefore even if my body suffers physically, my mind remains optimistic.
Even if I encounter obstacles, my mind is never defeated.
Daily I fill my heart with thoughts of joy, gratitude, and hope.
I face each new day with a bright and optimistic spirit, which I express in word and deed.
I have faith in life, and life responds in kind.

-Maruyama Sensei